Charlotte feldman

Alpha Phi Sorority

Web and Social Media Design and Management

As the Vice President of Marketing for Alpha Phi I am responsible for the design and execution for all social media channels. To design and create the channels I first start by brainstorming what brand Alpha Phi is going for. I then plan out my social media calendar so that the images coincide with each other and best represent the brand. I always try to ensure consistency throughout the platforms. To create Alpha Phi's website I used WIX and I also am proficient in Squarespace. 

Increased followers from 1,500 to 2,800 in a year

Increased followers from 1,500 to 2,800 in a year

I created facebook cover photos for the chapter to post on Facebook when the Tumblr is updated six times a year. Click the arrows to scroll through some of my past cover photos. Some of them have similar typography and I offered those as options to choose which members liked best and wanted as their cover photo. I found that having variation increased the interest and interaction with social media platforms. 


Here are two logo variations to keep the Alpha Phi brand consistent through all Social Media platforms

Custom Michigan Alpha Phi Apparel