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The Dessert Place

The Dessert Place


The Dessert Place   tasked me with creating a mailing to incentivize people who have been gifted her brownies to send them out to their friends.

The owner, Marisa, wanted to send them out around holiday time, so she requested a postcard with holiday imagery.  She described the branding as classic, and here is her description of how she integrates the company history (the full story is on the website, but essentially it was previously owned by her mother and godmother, it closed, and she reopened it as an online mailing):

A big focus of mine throughout my marketing efforts is on the backstory of The Dessert Place. What sets my brand apart from other big corporations is the mother-daughter history and the small, family feel of the brand. It's a comeback story from a second generation. In my marketing emails, I always include a picture of me, and of me and my mother and godmother all together alongside the story of The Dessert Place.

Typography  ● Mailer Design

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